current projects

Insub Meta Orchestra

19.04.23, Stanser Musiktage, Stans, CH
06.05.23, Maison des moines, Romainmôtier, CH
07.05.23, Polytopies II, In-situ n°2, Laconnex, CH
21.09.23, Walcheturm, Zürich, CH
29.09.23, Grrrndzero, Lyon, F


Insub Meta Orchestra

Ensemble Phoenix

Blanko 2023

with compositions by Svetlana Maraš and Fred Frith

2.+3.06.2023 – Gare du Nord Basel


with compositions by Maraš and Niggli

05.06.2023 –  Novi Sad

Ensemble Phoenix

Ensemble Orbiter

The Ensemble Orbiter plays my new composition ‘Interaktionen’

27.10.2023 Galerie Adrian Bleisch – Arbon

28.10.2023 Contrapunkt New Art Music, Open Art Museum – St.Gallen

29.10.2023 Zürich – Photobastei

Trio Meier/Roth/Peter

New release on bandcamp. Our recordings from last summer at WIM Zurich, as well as a live recording from the concert at Gare du Nord Basel are available on our first release ‘sparks’ on bandcamp!