thomas peter
electronic music

+ dem Rand am fernsten - am weitesten innen (2017)
sound installation for 12 loudspeakers

Collegium Helveticum - Zürich - November 2017

Each building produces its own varieties of sounds and noises - depending on the architecture, the environment and the human beings using the location.
This installation reveals the sound-universe of the past Observatory Zürich, builded in the 19th century by the architect Gottfried Semper. The observatory is now home to the Collegium Helveticum, a think tank and laboratory for transdisciplinary research. Over period of several weeks, recordings has been made to capture sounds of room-resonances, vibrations (caused by human activities or machines) and noise of the buildings infrastructure. The installation will display the combined recordings as a soundsculpture over a setup of several speakers - mounted at the ceiling, mid half and at the floor.

+ terrain (2015)
art space 0.T. Luzern (Switzerland), September 2015
sound installation for 6 invisible loudspeakers by Nicole Schmid and Thomas Peter

An acoustically playful handling of a terrain examination, situated in the art space o.T. Lucerne. This intervention implies movement in the soil without seeing any sound producing indications. The work „terrain“ refers to the installation by Olivia Wiederkehr, a spacial intervention with white tape.

+ schiefer (2014)
New Delhi (India)
sound installation for 40 loudspeakers

40 loudspeakers are placed on the floor, equally distributed in the room. Sounds of handling materials with wood, stone and metal are audible. The static room is acoustically set in motion.

These sounds of working implicate a moving reality. Surfaces are stripped and layers dissected, reshaped and changed. The focus lies on the acoustical/tactile approach to the material.
The exclusively acoustical presence underlines the ephemeral aspect, which addresses the temporality of the room and questions its apparently static nature.
As a counterpart to these concrete sound figures, tiny and unexpected musical forms appear for a short time; ringing, resonating and commenting on the given reality.

+ eigenrauschen (2013)
Geräusch Symposium 11. - 13. April 2013, Basel (Switzerland)
sound installation for 20 loudspeakers

In our everyday live we are surrounded by sounds and noises of devices and machines like air-conditioning, heating and fridge. Sounds produced by their functionality. We usually don’t attend them anymore, since they are already to familiar to us.
The installation eigenrauschen redefines those sounds in many ways. Without any visual reference, they can be heard in a fresh and new way. New aspects of the sound are perceived. The installation plays with dynamic, spatial expansion and movement of the collected sound-material to reveal the musical structure of every day noise.

+ flächen reibung (2013)
Festival ear we are, Biel (Switzerland) 7. - 9. February 2013
sound installation for 40 loudspeakers

The festival ear we are is located in a workshop. The tactile work on wood and metal, the force of the machines and the sounds they produces were the topic of the sound installation flächen reibung.
The roughness of different surfaces, the resonance and resistance of the material wood and metal was acoustically captured. It was displayed over 40 loudspeaker under the roof in front of the entrance of the concert venue.

+ resonance-flow-evolution (2011)
Performative Klanginstallation für 14 Lautsprecher anlässlich des 'Perform Now!, Festivals in Winterthur.

+ [clust.b] (2007)
soundinstallation for 16 motors, Perla Mode Zürich, Summer 2007

+ sommer (2006)
Klanginstallation im Rahmen der Homemade-Veranstaltungen, Kunsthaus Glarus, 27. bis 29. Oktober 2006
„Die Klanginstallation von Thomas Peter transformiert mechanisch-künstliche Bewegungen in natürliche Klänge. Sie evoziert klanglich eine schwirrende Stimmung, in der sich alles bewegt und doch stillzustehen scheint. Der geschlossene, nüchterne Raum öffnet sich zu einer akustischen Landschaft.“

+ Sonotop QT311 (2005)
Klanginstallation im Rahmen des Festivals für Neue Musik Rümlingen. 19. und 20. August 2005
„Der Container ist ein klingendes, autarkes System. Aus seinem Innern tönt fortwährend ein leises, unregelmässiges Klopfen, eine Art Puls. Der Container wird als Klangkörper, als Individuum wahrgenommen, ein surreales Szenario entsteht.
Einmal im Tag erwacht das System und offenbart seinen inneren Mechanismus; es beginnt sich zu regen, indem es die Hülle seines Klangkörpers durch mehrere Schlagvorrichtungen reizt. Mit der klanglichen Antwort dieser Reizimpulse, eingefangen durch Kontaktmikrofonen, spielt das System. Es formt neue akustische Ereignisse, die eine weitere Klangebene bilden, hörbar dank mehreren Lautsprechern, die innerhalb und ausserhalb des Containers verteilt sind.“